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Life and Wellness Coach helping others find their soul purpose for over a decade. Happily married wife and mother. Independent, rockin' entreprenuer that enjoys design of all kinds. Art, music, the spoken and written word... life if love! : When you think of health, what do you think of? For me it’s always organics first and foremost. And that means the less toxins the better. Our modern lifestyle of processed foods, artificial ingredients and cultural habits have silenced our ability to hear our own perfectly designed guidance systems. We need to return to a healthier way of living. Emerald Essentials offers you the ability to change your health, reboot your system, use organic skin care and whole foods supplementation, including kosher organic undenatured whey, without fear of the side effects of the toxic soup we generally consume and use on our skin.  And as a business opportunity you decide how to build your business. Online Affiliate, Small Business or Product Enthusiast getting discounts for health!

I love my Jeunesse Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. Regardless of the skin care system you are using, this is something you must have. The deep cellular response your skin has is amazing. And with the “Get 2 It’s Paid For You” program for the Preferred Customers, it’s something you want to consider doing if you are going to purchase this product. The Team at Jeunesse loves rewarding people who believe in our products. You already get product at a discounted price as a preferred customer, but if you decide you want to spread the good news and help your friends get discounts, you can. For the first two people you share the “Preferred Customer” price with in a month, you get a free bottle of LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum. For every pair of friends you share this with afterwards, you get five free LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum minis. The incentive is EVEN better for distributors.

“Get 2 It´s Paid For You” is specifically targeted to help you get what you want the most: fabulous product at a cheaper price and free samples to give away or to use personally.

Watch the video and learn more about team Bombshell Jeunesse!! - Join me today to learn more about how we can change our health.…

Dr. Berg talks about PCOS in this video -The 3 Causes of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and High Androgens , polycystic ovarian syndrome and what it is and what it isn’t. The body is making excess androgens and there is 3 common reasons for this. I find this really interesting that aromatase is an enzyme produced in the body that is needed for the final step in the production of estrogen as part of the hormonal cascade during which hormones are made from other hormones in a series of conversions. This enzyme converts androgen to estrogen. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, kills weeds by interfering with what is called the shikimate pathway. This pathway is essential in plants for the synthesis of a class of amino acids called the “aromatics.” But this pathway is nonexistent in any mammalian cell. By simple logic, the fact that our cells don’t have this pathway means that glyphosate cannot harm us. Is there a fallacy in this argument? 

Weston Price’s website says that “While mammals don’t possess the shikimate pathway, all of the microbes that take up residence in our digestive tract do have this pathway, and exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, will cause them serious stress as a consequence. Studies have shown that glyphosate disrupts the gut bacteria in chickens, 54 cows,29 and pigs,10 causing inflammation in the gut along with an overgrowth of pathogenic forms and concurrent loss of beneficial bacteria. It is now becoming apparent that our gut bacteria, which outnumber our own cells by a factor of ten to one, play many important roles in supplying nutrients and protecting us from toxins.” (…

Do you need first off, another reason to eat organic non-GMO foods? What about dealing with the insulin/sugar conversion going on in your body? Third, do you need another reason to detoxify? 

Join me by getting healthy from the inside out. I’m going to share a very short video and discussion on changing how you look at PCOS and your diet.

Learn what you need to know about the proteins activated by exercise, and how to clip the connection that promotes cancer cell growth.

I’m in the last week of my vegan whole 30/Virgin Diet and I have had a lot to think about as far as the local (24 hour delivery time) food that I eat, the wild caught salmon, and the impact that Japan’s Fukushima has had, and will continue to have on my family as the contamination continues. Children are most at risk of suffering from radiation exposure due to their smaller weight, height and more active metabolism. They receive five to six times more radioactivity than adults. And most of the west coast tests have found radiation in the waters, and in the milk. In fact pink salmon are being found canary yellow on the Canadian coast. 

Barbara Christensen: How is Stem Cell Technology becoming a part of the latest skin care process to reverse aging. 

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